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iClinic’s integrated insurance, eClaim Services in Dubai, electronic Lab, ePrescription and comprehensive reporting improves workflow … More Revenue!


iClinic is a web-based EMR system for small to large Clinics and Medical Centers Dubai, Middle east. It has built-in eClaim module for automated claims submission to the Health Insurance or Payers. It’s features include Appointment Scheduling, Patient Billing, electronic lab orders and e-Prescribing. Designed by smart physicians, iClinic EMR and eClaim solution reduces encounter time and increases cash flow.

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iCare is a state-of-the art HIS, Hospital Information System integrated with EMR and eClaim engine. Our team is familiar with important challenge of managing and integrating different information from various hospital departments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai such as clinical, human resource, supply chain, administrative, revenue cycle and financial information to meet the demands of health care industry. This is because iCare has always believed in adopting.

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Designed for patient’s ease & convenience, iPatient is a cloud-based patient portal that speeds up care delivery by allowing quick access to the latest PHR, Personal Health Record in Dubai. Patient can view, update, download and transmit health data and share with the doctors. It increases involvement in the care process and improved communication between the health care professionals.

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To obtain the latest information online and speed up communication, iClinic offers its renowned service of eClaim in Dubai, an online claim tracking system. The eClaim module provides integration engine that connects with DHA, Dubai Health Authority and HAAD, Health Authority of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, it also connects with different health insurance companies to streamline the claim submission and re-submission process.

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iClinic offers robust and scalable solution for entire communities to achieve sustainable, high-quality community based healthcare systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The system is built around the healthcare needs of patients and their families.

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