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iClinic has a web based EMR software as well as an EHR software for clinics that are small to large as well the medical centers in Dubai, Middle east.  We at iClinic have a built in eclaim EHR/Electronic medical records software module that generate automated claims. The medical eclaim software we have includes appointment scheduling, electronic lab orders, e-prescribing and patient billing.  iClinic EMR and Electronic health records software solution makes cash flow better and cuts down encounter time.

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Hospital Information System

An efficient and future-proof Hospital Information System like iClinic’s HIS is a key factor of a practical health system as Healthcare business models are evolving rapidly. We at iClinic have our very own HIS software known as iCare which incorporates almost every important feature that is required to effectively run the day to day operations of any hospital. In a nutshell, iClinic’s Hospital Information System (HIS) is a cost effective solution which is very efficient to take care of the smooth running of a hospital system.

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E-prescriptions are basically perceptions that are computer generated by iClinicworld and sent directly to your pharmacy. Instead of writing your prescription on a piece of paper we at iClinic will directly enter it in to our e-prescription software and then it will travel to your doctors computer or your pharmacy’s computer, it won’t be sent over as an email or over the open internet. Our e – prescription software is private and secure and a closed network.

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Eclaim Software

If you want to speed up and obtain latest information online then opt for eclaim software, we at iclinic offer our renowned service of medical eclaim software in Dubai, an online claim tracking system. The module of medical eclaim software provides integration engine that connects with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority Of Dubai and Abu Dhabi (HAAD). Furthermore, our medical eclaim software also connects with different health insurance companies to modernize the submission process of the claims as well as the re-submission process.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

iClinic's Laboratory Information management system has been one of the most advanced Laboratory Information Management System in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and it still continues to be very popular today in Saudi Arabia, Middle East. Your business will benefit from our Laboratory Information Management System in Saudi Arabia capabilities such as browser-based deployment, external-facing web portals and web services that are configurable.

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