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We help doctors, clinics, hospitals innovate, improve patient care, quality healthcare delivery, reduce encounter time and increase cash flow. As we all agree that availability of the right information at the right time is the key to effective diagnosis and plan of care in any health care facility. We design and develop smart, intelligent, easy-to-learn, scalable and robust solutions for the healthcare needs. With iClinic intuitive interface, a physician can do more in less time!  EMR is an electronic medical record or also known as a health record that become a must have software for every healthcare practice. The adoption of EHR is growing rapidly whether its a small clinic to a mid-sized medical center or a hospital. A good EMR system efficiently collects all the health related patient data of a group or an individual and stores it electronically in such a manner so that the caretaker conveniently finds all the required encounter details each time when patient visits doctors office. EMR facilitates in day-to-day tasks management and automates complex work flows. It is much easier to have proper, systematic and well-arranged medical records and information of patient which is easy to access and doesn’t involve papers which need to be kept safe and taken care of.

So what exactly do we do?

What we do is make the entire medical practice efficient by saving time and resources. Those days are gone when people had to wait in long queues and then a receptionist took ages to dig out your patient record from a huge stack of paper files. This software is the best way to save you from cumbersome administrative tasks. You don’t even have to dig through stacks just type in patient’s name or mobile phone and the medical records will show up within seconds. Our EMR software is created to deal with the most difficult healthcare system and dinosaur environment. It not only cuts down encounter time and increases 30% patient flow but also transmits efficiently all the required patient medical data to labs, insurance (payers), pharmacy and other healthcare stakeholders.

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Omni -channel Patient Portal for smart management of patient record.Extended patient records, diagnosis, appointment management, and prescriptions- all at one place!

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Tailored workflows for medical/health screening centers.Reduce encounter time, improve efficiencies, and screen more candidates with automated workflows.

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Robust community based healthcare for patients and their families.Improve collaboration between caregivers, patients, doctors, and insurance providers!

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Increase performance with a stress less and compatible duty roster.Manage workforce, develop conflict-free work schedules, and improve hospital/clinic’s productivity.

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Efficient healthcare-specific resource management and tracking.Keep track of all your healthcare staff!

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Go beyond ordinary store keeping with our integrated portal for pharmacies.Built-in pharmacy management solution to support and automate e-Prescriptions.

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Gain real-time visibility into lab reports and increase patient satisfaction.Integrated lab solution to expedite diagnosis and increase patient satisfaction.


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