Through the passage of time, hospitals have played a very important role in comforting the sick and saving the dyeing. In the modern day too, hospitals are an integral part of every city, town, state or country. Since hospitals acquire a very special and important place in the development of a country and the human civilization, it has to be maintained in a very efficient manner so it could keep on benefiting people. The constant developments and innovations in information technology have helped create a lot of technological miracles that have eased the lives of man and mankind. Many professions and establishments have benefited from the fruits of technology and the procedures and processes of hospitals too have been simplified and optimized through the use of Hospital Information Systems.

A Hospital Information System or HIS is a fully functioning, integrated information system that is specifically developed to effectively manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital. This processing of information undertaken by a HIS includes both paper-based information and data processing machines. The hospital information system designed and developed by iClinic known as iCare is very easy to deploy, operate and maintain. iCare is an affordable and scalable system that has proved its worth and reliability all over the world. iCare is ideally suited for small, medium and large hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Currently iCare is deployed at many locations and it is being used by more than 200 doctors owned and corporate hospitals.

iCare helps in dealing with all the diverse types of data concerning the smooth running of a hospital. This system is specifically designed to deal with all the information required to manage a hospital. iCare not only helps to run a hospital smoothly and efficiently, but also saves a lot of time, effort, paper and money. With just a matter of clicks, any information or report is presented right on the computer screen. But that’s not all, iCare’s safety and security features keeps the data of a patient safe and secure at all times and also keeps a backup of all the data on a secure server. According to one of our client, this system has saved him a lot of money by successfully decreasing the administrative budget of his hospital. This has prompted us to say, for better healthcare, use iCare.