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Things you should know about visa screen:

What exactly is a visa screen certificate? And what is the difference between a visa screen service and CGFNS certificate? These certifications are usually compatible when it comes to foreign recruitment of nurses. Both the certificates are issued by the commission of graduate of foreign nursing schools which is also commonly known as CGFNS and both of these certificates almost have the same steps to require information from the nurse s that are registered, these certifications are recognizable.

When is a visa screening certificate needed? It is needed when a healthcare professional has to get an immigrant entry to get employed in the United States but there is a component of it as well which is known as CGFNS. Visa Screen certificate is a proof that a nurse has had proper education, training and experience and now they can meet the standards of US. So who issues the visa screen certificate? These certificates are issued by the international commission on healthcare professionals ICHP it is a division of CGFNS.

There are programs offered from visa screening certificates they consist of licensure validation, educational analysis, proficiency in English and a review of NCLEX-RN and CGFNS examination results. When an applicant appears for this test they should try their level best to obtain the visa screen certificate. After the petition is filed with the US citizen immigration services also known as USCIS, after clearing everything the applicant will be given the visa screen certificate which will be presented to the US embassy during the processing of the visa.
A few points and tips that can come in handy while applying for the visa screening certificate:


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