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Strategic Alliance

iClinic World as entered into strategic alliance with its partners to work in cooperation for fulfilling mutually beneficial objectives. The major advantage that iClinic World seeks to achieve is gaining greater capabilities. We share resources such as technology, knowledge and expertise to come up with the best of the quality services for our clients. For us, strategic alliance is not just a money making tool but an opportunity to broaden our scale of operations and achieve far more than the set targets. iClinic World has entered into a strategic alliance for its patients as we know that we will be better able to serve them through a partnership. It also allows us easier access to markets as incorporating the latest methods of technology in our health care services can be complicated and costly. Instead of directing the financial burden towards our patients and their family, we remove various obstacles such as entrenched competition, hostile regulations of the government and other operating complexities though strategic alliance. This is why we share the financial risk rather than accumulating the figure in the medical bills. Strategic alliance is not merely a way to prosper and grow. It is to find new creative methods for expanding and developing into new markets. By markets, we mean the entire Arab population that we desire to target. For us, strategic alliance has served to increase our efficiency and enabled us to reach full optimization of time and has contributed positively towards our target of enhancing the health standards of the Arab population. Our patients are able to receive access to supplementary services due to our alliances with our partners. These services would otherwise not be available to our clients. Despite offering a range of diverse services, we feel that a business not focusing mainly on its core competencies becomes a jack of all trades and hence transforms into a master of none. Through our alliance, we become capable of offering a new realm of services while focusing on our capabilities and specialized services.


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