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Revenue Cycle Management

In this modern era, iClinic World has been quick to adopt the latest technological inventions with a view to improving the efficiency of health care services for its clients. One of the cornerstones of our mission has been implementing Revenue Cycle Management with the aim of providing the best for our patients.
Revenue Cycle Management has become the foundation of our services that has replaced traditional billing and collection. It has hastened to improve standard billing and collection techniques. It has boosted this process bringing with it a lot of ease not only for the patients but for our staff as well. We have implemented rules engine and other advanced software techniques that allow thousands of paid claims to be reimbursed. The success rate is 90 percent. The remaining rejected or denied claims are quickly sent while being timely followed up. With us, the unresolved claims are processed much earlier and we do not merely rely on an official working in the back room.
Having automated the insurance billing and reimbursement process, we have ensured accuracy and complete compliance when it comes to the maximum payments. The professionals involved in the process radically improve the speed of the patient payment cycle.
The iClinic World specialises in assisting medical practices in collecting patient responsible balances quickly and with greater efficiency. It allows for a reduction in our client’s expenses and increases cash flow. This way the entire medical practices optimises insurance receivables.
Having incorporated the Revenue Cycle Management, the office operation load has been simplified. The need for paper has been eliminated and replaced by automation. It has streamlined the payment cycle of receiving, processing and posting payments. This has helped in saving on staff and lessened time wasted due to duties of mail categorisation, or trying to match each electronic payments and paper payments. Revenue cycle management has helped iClinic World in ushering in a new era of improved services for its clients. With Revenue Cycle Management, the process of reimbursement is now speedier with deposits being deposited faster into banks. The new experience with iClinic will prove to be a very surprising and satisfying one for our clients.


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