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Do you have managing and gathering your health care records and want a secure place where you can keep them and access them whenever you want to. There are people who have a vast number of health concerns and they keep visiting multiple pharmacies and doctors, keeping a track of the visits are one heck of a difficult task but if you have a personal health record you can manage and all the information can be easily accessed if it is somewhere in a secure and accessible location. The question that has been asked a couple of times was what exactly is a personal health record? Basically it is a collection of all the useful information about your health. Usually all your medical records are in forms of paper which usually go missing when they are needed the most. That is the biggest drawback of having medical paper records. Personal electronic health record systems make all your problems easy by making your personal healthcare records easily accessible to you anytime, you can use a laptop, a desktop or a tablet or a mobile to access these online records.
People often confuse electronic health records with personal health records, EHR’s are owned and operated by doctors, physicians, hospitals, offices and health insurance companies.

The type of information that gets in to personal health care records:

Whatever goes in your personal care records is usually decided by you. This may include

Prevent diseases by:

The benefits:


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