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Patient portal and its benefits:

iClinicworld presents to you their very own patient portal, so how exactly does a patient portal help? A patient portal is a platform where patients can keep in touch with their doctors it is a facility that has made life easy for physicians as well as the patients, patients can get online appointments through patient portals, they can request the next meeting, get test results and reports as soon as they are available, education material for can also be found, reminder about the next visit, track of history and insurance etc.

View your Own Personal Health Records:

Patient portal is a very easy way to communicate without worrying about visiting your doctor every now and then and the best part about is that patients don’t have to wait in a long queue just to get their medical records or an appointment. All the useful data is stored in this portal which can be accessed by the patients whenever they want to.

Let’s have a look at the advantages a patient portal has for patients:


Let’s have a look at the advantages a patient portal has for the physicians:


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