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Managed Service Organization

iClinic World is utilising managed service organization (MSO) services which is inclusive of both management as well as consulting. This was done keeping in mind the importance of shifting of the health care organization to a fee-for-value model. Through MSO, iClinic World gains the capability of organizing physicians to provide better health care services. It also helps in supporting risk-bearing model. Our MSO solutions help our organization in designing, installing and managing systems and also in controlling which all contribute in improving population health management, network management and revenue management.
We leverage our experience and technology solutions for analyzing the requirements and solutions of our patients which then helps us to increase operational efficiency. In the end, it is our patient who stands to gain the most at the end of the day.
iClinic World has gone to develop MSOs to deal with the various functions of the hospital with a high degree of sophistication. Developing MSO capabilities have allowed us to ensure the creation of a regional solution to support our entire network of health care providers. This has meant that our physicians and other health care professionals have been able to dispense their responsibilities with greater care and effectiveness.
Our adopting MSO management has been focused on driving help for our organization to improve not only its financial capabilities but also its clinical capabilities. It has allowed iClinic World to garner help from the latest technologies.
The move was taken by iClinic World keeping in mind the need to serve the entire Arab population. Our main goal stands out as being enhancing the health standards of the Arab population. To achieve this purpose, it was essential to draw in help from managed service organizations. This step was taken while keeping in view the growing needs of our patients to whom we have always serviced with the best health care solutions.


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