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iTrack keeps itself updated with the latest technological innovations and planning to provide the best to its patients. It adheres to ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) for collecting, managing and distributing information across the various clinical departments to remove information barriers between the patient and the health care professionals in order to enable full cooperation. This results in higher quality of services being rendered at low costs much to the advantage of our valued clients.
iTrack has always served the best with a view to achieve an Arabic integrated system via Arabic integration. The purpose has always been to enhance Arab health care through a wide range of diverse activities. iTrack features Arab health as its basic objective. In this regard, implementing billing software was one such move aimed at allowing bills to be sent to the patients or their attendants digitally, thereby eliminating the old method of sending fax or mailing an involve.
iTrack incorporates Revenue Cycle Management with an aim greater than just simplifying the work load. We eliminate the need for paper work and replace it with automation. We enable delivering a streamlining payment cycle of receiving, processing and posting payments. By bringing in a comprehensive range of revenue cycle services, we manage the latest features such as medical billing, reporting, claims clearing house and denial management. Ina addition, consulting services are provided with the aim of boosting effectiveness and efficiency of billing processes. Though we do avail the benefit of saving time for our staff, yet we remained focused with sheer dedication on enabling a recovery process that is easy to manage for our clients. Starting from our payroll to finance to accounts, we offer services directed at simplifying the payment process of our clients. Apart from boosting convenience for our clients, we strongly believe in charging only fair payments from our clients.


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