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iClinic believes in providing the best pharmacy services to its patients that not only exceed in quality but are also cost effective. This the reason why we have launched iPharmacy services aimed at taking the quality of care to levels previously not known. Through pharmacy management, iPharmacy caters to the needs of its patients with greater effectiveness and efficiencies. Apart from fulfilling the medical needs, they go on to render cost effective savings. With us, the savings are real. This is because the benefits that our patients receive through our services are not inspired by our needs but are rather driven by customized solutions aimed at benefiting the patients.

With an effective POS system in place, iPharmacy ensures that any and all sales are accurately recorded through an efficient tracking system, thereby helping the patient avoid any discrepancy in payments. It also enables a markdown management that is much easier while promotions can be tracked more successfully. Our professionals are even able to maintain control in absentia while the prices of iPharmacy are consistent from one location to the other. Hence, iPharmacy is in a better position to employ its personnel for serving its patients to the best.

Our sales purchase and inventory system helps boost efforts of iPharmacy to reach unprecedented levels of services for our patients. This is ensured through an efficient tracking inventory that speeds up time savings while increasing accuracy. It removes the room for human error and by doing so, saves the patients from any mistake on part of our professionals. In addition, our inventory system is very consistent which ensures that all the reports, order and other related documents of the patients are uniform in their presentation. This allows for ease and hastens better health services.
In short, iPharmacy delivers up to the expectation of its patients.


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