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iPatient has proudly implemented patient portal that speeds up care delivery by allowing quick access to updated patient medical records anytime and anywhere, increasing involvement in care and improving communication between the health care professionals and the patient that results in better provision of health services.
In addition, patients are able to manage their own health. Patient Engagement is an important aspect that helps not only in self-managing health but also that of family and others.
With the help of personal health record (PHR) acting as a lifesaver in cases of emergency by providing the vital information needed such as medications being taken and diseases being treated, iPatient goes a step ahead in tracking and assessing your health. PHR also allows you to make the most out of the doctor’s visits by allowing you to manage your health in between those visits. Personal health record also helps you get better organized by assisting you in tracking appointments, preventive or screening services and vaccinations.
iPatient further caters to the needs of its clients by enabling online appointment and scheduling. This allows for a range of diverse benefits to be availed by our precious patients. This includes an enhanced efficiency, allowing appointments to be made after your office is closed and you do not have access to telephone, no waiting for booking an appointment, conflict with receptionist or the room for human error is removed, appointment reminders are generated automatically, and it is advantageous for those with hearing impairments. Other benefits include an enhanced follow-up capability, telephone and online appointment capability and features that help enhance practice management. Easy access is also enabled through scheduling much to the advantage of our patients.

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Personal Health Records


View personalized electronic medical records right through your Smartphone or Tablet!
Read all your reports, diagnosis, and prescriptions online!

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Integrated electronic billing module to facilitate online payments, centralized payment records, electronic receipts (w/ instant print option), and annual/monthly earning reports.
Interact with your doctor, seek advise, order prescribed medicines, and pay bills – all online!

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Health Information Exchange

HL7 compliant Health records!
Take your interoperable medical records anywhere with you.


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