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iClinic caters to the needs of its clients in the most advanced ways using the latest techniques and innovative solutions. It is exactly this strategy that made it provide its clients with the services of iLabs. iLabs renders valuable services through a series of computer programs known as laboratory information system (LIS) that enables it not only to process and store data related to the patient’s medical processes and tests but also to manage it much to the advantage of the patient.
Physicians and lab technicians in iLabs are employing this system for supervising several different inpatient and outpatient medical testing. These include immunology, chemistry, hematology and microbiology. All these enable the provision of better health services. The laboratory information system adhered to by iLabs possesses features that help in managing the check in of patients, their order entry, result entry and patient demographics. In short, this system allows it to avail a range of benefits from tracking to storing every detail of the patient from the time he enters the hospital to the time he leaves. This allows for smooth transactions to take place without incurring any misunderstandings and complications for either the staff or for the patient. It leaves zero room for error. It also benefits the patient much on account of furnishing information that may be stored for any future references. The patient can avail this information at any time in the future.
By employing the proper work list and utilizing the appropriate instruments, iLabs renders unparalleled services to its clients.
iLabs has also incorporated Medical Device Integration that allows for elimination of human error and enhancing accuracy in the acquisition of data through the automation of collection. Our physicians being allowed to obtain the right data at the right time are in a better position to take more informed clinical decision-making. Patient care is progressively further enhanced by the data being escalated for providing other systems with the parameters for alerts.


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