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iClinic world comprises of a comprehensive range of Healthcare IT solutions directed at improving the delivery of care. Having adopted the latest innovative solutions that reduce cost and increase profitability, we provide quality services of levels previously unknown.

iClinic  incorporates the latest technologies of Electronic medical records and Electronic Health records along with a range of other innovations to boost the quality of healthcare provided. Through EHR and EMR, we provide a range of benefits including improving quality and convenience of patients along with increasing patient participation in their care and accuracy of diagnosis while reducing costs. Other benefits of EHR and EMR include providing quick access to accurate and up-to-date data, improving coordination between patient and health care providers and a more reliable prescribing.

iClinic has implemented a Practice Management System that brings together a team of professionals for assistance in the administrative operations. Through PMS, iClinic ensures increase in business efficiency, elimination of any chances of error, and is a suitable practice management system that helps iClinic to perform better on a whole.

Keeping in mind the betterment of the patients, iClinic has incorporated Primary Healthcare with a focus on Interdisciplinary team care and patient benefit. Through PHC, better patient outcomes are ensured with the focus being on health professional’s commitment to improving quality services to patients. PHC also helps in improving patient focus by addressing the needs and empowering patients by involving them in the management of their health. Other advantages include improved local health care.

Health screening, visa screening system and polyclinic facilities ushered in by iClinic  further enhance the quality of care being provided to the patients. The implementation of Visa Screening System speaks of high credentials of iClinic  that has been quick enough to immediately adhere to the latest innovations in the field of medicine.

From the moment a patient steps in a polyclinic or referred to a diagnostic center or discharged from the hospital, every detail is stored in the system efficiently and made available at a mouse click!

Set clinic hours, holidays, appointment policies, and follow-up instructions to ensure swift appointment scheduling and management online.


Online appointment scheduling

Increase patient traffic with quick appointments

Generate more revenue with holistic human resource management and end-to-end billing/finance modules, indicating organisational growth and annual/monthly cash flows.

Monitor revenue

Detailed financial reports and performance indicators to forecast grow.



Unified patient record management and built-in International Standards, including ICD-10/CPT/DRGs for Diagnosis, Drug Index, Procedures, Immunizations, etc.


Patient Health record screen

Streamline patient communication with in-depth Health record.


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