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iCare since its inception has responded positively to the important challenge of managing and integrating different information such as financial, clinical and operational information to meet the demands of health care industry. This is because iCare has always believed in adopting the latest innovative techniques and procedures to cater to the changing needs of its patients. iCare has always made the necessary changes for Reimbursement models, responded to the increase in competition and laid stress on patient care while generating outcomes to levels that have previously been unknown. Since the needs of the healthcare industry are constantly evolving, iCare implemented a hospital information system (HIS) that keeps pace with these new developments.

iCare’s hospital information system consists of a comprehensive set of solutions to the health care issues. HIS incorporated by iCare includes every feature of the healthcare organization. Details of all relevant information such as patient entry and discharge to treatment to tests are included in the system, thereby ensuring that the room for errors is eliminated. In iCare, this system is of paramount importance in assisting the doctors, nurses and other members of the health care team in remaining updated about the patient. iCare has always succeeded in its purpose of replacing the paper based system with a more effective one and this is reflected in the coordination and regulation of information throughout the health care system. iCare has successfully filed all information in a computer which allows it to be accessed by the entire medical staff. This helps avoid unnecessary wastage of time and effort, while reducing costs and the room for human error.
Having a hospital information system assists iCare in planning for the treatment of its patient with a higher level of quality care while allowing a range of other benefits to be availed. These include optimization of workflow across administration, clinical and management functions, minimizing of training cost, and support for international health care.

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Electronic Medical Record

Get confidential Web based access to portions of your patients medical records, test results, and medical imaging like X-rays and CT scans, etc.

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Physical Examination

Get instant physical assessment records at your fingertips.
Make physical assessment reports in no time.

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Analyze INX/Labs

Improve medical decision making with real time test results and medical imaging like X-rays and CT scans.
Get instantaneous access to lab reports/diagnosis.


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