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EMR Software in Dubai

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EMR software system for big scale practices in Dubai

What are the unique features of iClinic’s EMR software? EMR vendors offer physician offices an Electronic Medical Record, EMR that collaborates with revenue cycle management and practice management systems. Now with 24/7 online patient medical records, physicians and their support (nurse) staff can dedicate more quality time and personalized patient care. EMR software solution helps the management of your practice easier and more cost effective, hence saving a lot of time by increased patient flow. You can also call EMR digital version of a paper chart in a clinician’s office. It contains the medical and also the treatment history of entire patients in one place. A doctor can track all the useful patient data over time, easily make sure which patients are due for preventative screenings, check how patients are doing at different stages such as blood pressure readings or vaccines, monitor and improve overall quality of care within the clinic or hospital.
EMR software makes a patient record keeping easier. It is more accurate, updated (most recent history), comprehensive and more efficient. Doctors use specialized software which allow them to enter information electronically and make patient’s complete medical, family and social history available immediately. Physicians can use a desktop, laptop tablet or electronic clipboard to navigate through patients’ charts and record notes, it is that easy and convenient. EMR practice is very popular in Dubai, UAE.

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How EMR Helps?


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EMR Software Consists:



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