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An Electronic medical record allows you to securely gather, manage, store and share your own and your family’s health information, whenever you want, wherever you want, and with whom you choose. iClinic provides you with the best electronic medical record solutions which are a lot more than your personal health history. It’s brilliant, it works within the iClinics World to provide you useful information and direct you to tools that you might find helpful.

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Why should Electronic Medical Record be created?

The use of Electronic Medical Records is going rapidly, hospitals and physicians are rapidly implanting the services of EMR solutions, and it has played a major role in improving the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare delivery.

High ranks when it comes to electronic medical records:

Doctors and physicians should spend their time with their patients rather than spending precious time collecting data and recording things, this consumes a lot of time. Iclinic world has a good reputation when it comes to EMR usability; it is easy and great when it comes to efficiency. So physicians can easily give patients their undivided attention while still meeting essential clinical requirements.
Now you can manage your clinical documents easily.
Our dedicated team is team who is working back to back to provide you with the best services. Every provider at your end is fully equipped with the right information at the current time to deliver the best possible care and solutions to those who 2ome to us for help. We receive, scan and sort all of your incoming faxes and deliver results immediately to the right EMR patients.

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Guarantee of a better workflow

We at iClinic world make sure that your work flow gets better, we keep a strict check on patients workflow from the time they check in till the time they leave is, and our EMR documentation is faster, accurate with no signs of mistakes or mismanagement.

Clinical content can be easily accessed

The best part about EMR is having your data at your fingertips, no matter where you are, be it school, office, shopping, and exam room, home you can manage everything including modifications, test results and lab details. Instructions can be easily accessed as well which is really helpful when it comes to guiding the patients, crucial types of information is available in an instant, built in registry and quality measure reporting is done for patient disease management.


Features in electronic medical records can be configured on a per provider basis. So that mean it is easily customizable.


iClinic world’s EMR makes it very easy and convenient to send and receive information, even if it’s an alert for the security guard sitting at the gates of the hospital or a referral across town or to a hospital which is in some other state our EMR won’t fail.

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Improved Workflow

Set clinic hours, holidays, appointment policies, and follow-up instructions to ensure swift appointment scheduling and management online.
Increase patient traffic with quick appointments

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Ease of Communication

Generate more revenue with holistic human resource management and end-to-end billing/finance modules, indicating organisational growth and annual/monthly cash flows.
Detailed financial reports and performance indicators to forecast grow.

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Access Clinical Content

Unified patient record management and built-in International Standards, including ICD-10/CPT/DRGs for Diagnosis, Drug Index, Procedures, Immunizations, etc.

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