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To connect with Health Insurance with Clinics or Hospitals and speed up communication, iClinic offers robust eclaim software. eClaim is complete end-to-end online claim tracking system for direct billing. The eclaim module provides integration engine that connects with DHA, Dubai Health Authority and HAAD, Health Authority Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, it also connects with different health insurance companies to streamline the claim submission and re-submission process. Hence, iClaim speeds up delivery of care with faster TAT, turnaround time and increased cash flow. With insurance gateway, iClaim ensures that appropriate patient claim data is provided across all patients to avoid rejections. It boosts delivery of health care and reduce insurance denials. Settlement of claims has long been an issue raising denial management and loss revenue. iClaim has reacted to this situation with the introduction of sophisticated claim submission engine supporting protocols through the provision of a trusty, reliable, swift and secure electronic communication system. The engine generates all the necessary information in each claim along with the alerts. Hence the submission process results in faster reimbursements while the room for error is minimal. All the necessary information related to a claim is facilitated electronically which includes documentation, medical history, diagnosis, ensures compensation and other related data regarding each patient visit.



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