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Eclaim Software Solutions and its features in Dubai

iClinic World helps various healthcare providers to prepare their eclaim submission to insurance companies and health authorities. It also deals in managing re-submissions and works on a fully automated system which can upload the data for sending the insurance claims. We can also provide module for entering the ICD/CPT Codes for the claim submission.

Our eclaim software is very user-friendly and we have developed it by keeping the usability standards and health of patients in mind. One of the key features of our eclaim software is the fact that it significantly reduces the staff time required for managing all the administrative and insurance related day-today tasks. By using our eclaim software, they can achieve more in less time, hence more revenue and increased cash flow for the practice.

This eclaim software generates the insurance claims in XML format. The Patient Information and Billed Data is uploaded and the eclaim is generated. Once that’s done, medical biller or coder needs to enter appropriate codes against each claim to be submitted to complete the final eclaim submission process. This drastically reduces the work load and makes the job easier, hence on an average 400 – 600 claims can be finished in merely 2 to 3 days. This entire submission process reduces the number of staff time required and increases the clinic productivity.

Features of eclaim software:

  • Data can be loaded automatically from the billing software.
  • Denials or rejections due to missing information, invalid procedure, diagnosis codes and payer specific edits can be adjusted.
  • Module for editing the claim and ICD codes can be inserted.
  • The approved claim is forwarded to the payer and sends a report to the provider on the status of submitted and rejected claims.
  • System auto-sends all the claims statistics report including all the pending claims.
  • eclaim submission and re-submission module.
  • Automatic reconciliation.
  • Payment Update into the eclaim software from the XML file received from the company that has insured.
  • Amount settled on each claim is showed.
  • Eclaims that are partly settled or cancelled show Denial Code with descriptions.
  • Module for Re-submission and inserting Re-submission comments or notes.
  • Eclaim active status is automatically indicated.

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