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Channel Partnership

You have seen many companies and business organizations entering into alliances to grow. They may get together for dealership, retailing and reselling. iClinic World too enters into a channel partnership but for the betterment of its clients; the patients. This is because our value, care and dedication towards our patients supersede any desire to achieve financial success. We value the smile of our patients more than any monetary rewards. Our core values, aims and objectives are all directed at client’s satisfaction. The mission that we aim to achieve through our channel partnership is based on the following values: – Providing the patients’ access to the latest and most innovative health care solutions. – Lowering the cost of treatment borne by the patients. – Offering a richer and a better health care solution. – Reducing the risk being incurred. All these goals are strongly focused upon as we move on to achieve our objectives. iClinic World in collaboration with its channel partners have always focused on creating and managing long term relationships with its customers that are also rewarding. Our main core value is innovating. We focus to develop result oriented technology that would be complementing the knowledge of the patients and providing services of great expertise. This will help ensure patient satisfaction. Through our channel partnerships, we also make it easier to work together. Our requirements are simple and straightforward and we provide solution based services that speed up the recovery of our patients. We highly value the money you spend on your health and this is why we immediately turn your investment into positive results that are reflected in your recovery from bad health. At a more regional level, we focus our efforts on enhancing the health standards of the entire Arab population through our latest techniques and technology. For iClinic World, channel partnership is a means of rendering quality health services of levels previously unknown.


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