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We must have come across the word electronic health records a couple of times also known as EMR, so what exactly is an electronic health record? Well it is a collection of electronic health care records which are a digital collection of patient health information collected and assembled in any care delivery center, these records can contain various things such as progress notes of the patient, demographics, issues and problems faced, possible conclusion, vital signs, what medication is good and what can work better, past medical records, laboratory data and previous tests that have been done, booster injections, reports regarding radiology, medicines used etc. The word EHR is usually linked to a software platform which is useful for managing patient records preserved by medical practices or hospitals.

iClinic consolidates the latest technologies of Electronic medical records and along with a vast number of other deviations to augment the quality of healthcare which is being provided. Through EMR we do our best to provide a spectrum of assistance including quality improvement and accessibility to those who are suffering from bad health, this helps in generating participation and the accuracy level is a lot higher and it also reduces costs. Coordination between the patients and physicians becomes easier and this way they can understand each other better.

We at I clinic world make sure that our patients have hundred percent satisfaction, we deal with personal care delivery, our patients safety is also one of our top priority, we keep working on quality enhancement which eventually helps us get more efficient and is a great way to minimize cost as well. So a platform like Electronic health record has made things easy, here management can be practiced without any hassle and with the help of patient portal it’s easier for physicians to stay in touch with their patients and help them recover.

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Interoperability EHR:CDR

We give you clinical results from entered into iclinic world, then get automatically appearance in the physician practiced EHR.

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Electronic Prescribing

At iClinic we understand your (EHR) Package requirements for the practice in major decisions. We guaranteed to through the procedure, for the day one.

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Health Records

By Increasing Health Record (EHR) productivity, enhancing all of the above providers earning and workflows them a higher revenues.
We provide patient communication with in-depth Electronic Health record.

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